Buy Walnuts Online UK to Fix Hair Problems Naturally


Walnut, a brain shaped dry fruit, is considered as a rich source of mono saturated fats and Omega 3 fatty acids. Health experts recommend eating a few walnuts every day is good for the heart health as it is one of healthiest food items in the world. But did you know that many people Buy walnuts online UK for improving their hair health? Yes, you heard that right! One of the most natural and effective ways to achieve healthy hair is eating walnuts. Let’s take a quick look at the hair problems fixed by walnut.

  1. Fights Dandruff: Whether you live in any area of the globe, dandruff is the common hair problem for all genders. This problem occurs when the sebaceous glands of the hair follicles produce less oil than it supposed to be. Moreover, when hair does not get enough nourishment, dandruff comes. So, if you increase the intake of Walnuts, you will get rid from this problem to the great extent.
  2. Hair Loss: It is an inevitable problem with an increasing age. Hair loss occurs when there is a deficiency of selenium. Walnut is a rich source of biotin i.e. vitamin B7 that helps in preventing hair fall. So, if you eat 5-7 walnuts on a daily basis, you will not get respite from dandruff and hair loss problem as well. For this, it is pivotal to buy high-quality walnuts online in the UK from a grocery store.

One of the unusual ways to colour your hair is by using walnut shell. Most of the hair colour contains chemicals that damage the hair. But when you make hair colour from the hard shell of walnut, it nourishes the hair and does not cause any damage to the tresses. For this, take 10-15 walnut shell and crush them in small and large pieces. Sub-merge them in boiling water for a minimum of 30 minutes. After that, cool the liquid and stain the shells. With the help of cotton or brush, apply the liquid on your hair strands. Leave it for a minimum of two hours and rinse the hair with mild shampoo and conditioner. This will give natural brown color to your hair.

So, this time, buy walnuts online from the UK store to make your hair beautiful and dandruff-free.

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